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Australian ECU Repair

Mercedes 722.9 Speed Sensor Repair (7 speed)

mercedes 722.9 7 speed sensorWe can re-manufacture your Mercedes 722.9 speed sensor faults / Valve Body TCU / EHS / 7G tronic Speed sensor plate and provide a 1 year warranty* on all speed sensors. Most units are re-manufactured within 24 hours, this includes re-engineering of all the original speed sensors circuitry to prevent repeat failure. We also include a before and after test on our purpose built speed sensor simulator to ensure your unit is re-manufactured to the highest standard. As we re-manufacture your own ecu there is no need for the additional cost of SCN coding or adaptation.

Common symptoms include:

Transmission holding in gear, flaring between gear changes, slipping in all gears, loss of all drive and unable to select drive. These symptoms usually start off intermittently and become more frequent until total failure.

Common fault codes are:

Fault code P 2206 Fault code P 2207 Fault code P 2200 Fault code P 2201 Fault code P 2205 Fault code P 2204
Fault code P 2767 The signal from component Y3/8n2 ( Internal speed sensor (VGS)) in not available.
Fault code P 2768 Component Y3/8n2 ( Internal speed sensor (VGS)) is defective.
Fault code P 0717 The signal from component Y3/8n1  ( Turbine speed sensor (VGS)) is not available.
Fault code P 0718 Component Y3/8n1 ( Turbine speed sensor (VGS)) is defective.
Fault code P 0722 The signal from component Y3/8n3 ( Output speed sensor (VGS)) is not available.
Fault code P 0723 Component Y3/8n3 ( Output speed sensor (VGS)) is defective.

Common part numbers include:

A 0002701700 A 000270170080 A 0335457332 A 0335456732 A 0034460310 A 2202702906 A 2202702706 A 2202703106 A 2202703206 A 2202701206 A 2202702106 A 2202701806 A 9062700006 A 2202701306 A 2202701506 A 2202702806 A 2202701906 A 2202702206 A 2202702406 A 2202700026 A 2702702306 A 2202700160 A 2122700006 A 2122700106 A 2122700106 A 2202701406

Total repair cost is $450 inc GST  Get Yours Rebuilt Now
Workshops with a ABN please contact us for trade pricing   

Please do not erase the fault memory prior to sending us your unit, if the fault memory has been cleared please ensure you include paper work with all the fault codes that were present before they were erased.