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Australian ECU Repair

Mercedes-Benz Turbo Actuator Repair Service

The Mercedes Electronic Turbo Actuator commonly fails on diesel engines causing lack of power and the engine to go into limp mode. We have a custom built test bench specifically designed for Mercedes electronic turbo actuators allowing us to thouroughly test your actuator before and after repair. Most turbo actuators can be rebuilt within 24 hours and come with a 12 month unlimited km warranty. 

Common symptoms include:turbo actuator
Lack of power
Engine goes into limp mode

Common fault codes are: 
p 2510 – 001 Check component Y77/1 (boost pressure regulator) Positioner signals fault.
p 2616 – 002 Check component B60 (Exhaust back pressure sensor) Control variation – Exhaust back pressure is too high.

Common part numbers include: 
6NW009660, G-001, 6NW 009 660, G001, G-277, 764381, 761399, 757608, 765155, G-219, 6NW008412, 712120

Total repair cost is $375 inc GST   Get yours rebuilt now

It is very important that when removing and installing your turbo actuator, the actuator shaft is not moved at all by hand as this will result in unrepairable damage. We also require your turbo actuator to be sent to us complete (electronics, housing and clips) as shown in the picture above.