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Mercedes A class Cluster Indicator Fault Repair

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Product Repair Details

We can repair your faulty Mercedes A140 A160 A190 instrument cluster for a common fault which effects the indicators. The main fault with the turn signal on the A140 A160 and A190 is when you indicate left the right indicators flash, this fault often starts off intermittently and if left un-repaired becomes a permanent fault. Our repair of your dash will retain the original coding and odometer reading, therefore is a simple plug and play once your receive it back. We are also able to repair this cluster for LCD faults.  Second hand instrument clusters from another vehicle are generally not recommended as the odometer will be incorrect and often VIN specific vehicle coding won’t match causing further issues such as fuel gauge not working correctly.
Most units are rebuilt within 24 hours and are covered under our 1 year no fuss warranty.

Common symptoms include:

A140 indicating right when selecting left
A160 indicating right when selecting left
A190 indication right when selecting left
A class indicators fault
A Class turn signals incorrect way

Common part numbers include:

A 1685404011 / A 1688202589 /

Total repair cost is $385 inc GST  Get Yours Rebuilt Now
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