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Mercedes-Benz W204 C Class 4 Cylinder Engine ECU Repair (Supercharged engine)

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

We offer a repair service for your Mercedes M271 engine ECU.  The w204 C class engine ECU frequently fails causing the engine to cut out and store crank angle sensor fault codes, this fault often starts off intermittently and becomes more frequent over time. Another common issue we see with this ECU is knock sensor fault codes keep logging even after knock sensors are replaced. We have also found this ECU to suffer issues with throttle body fault codes. We offer a repair service which includes repair of all known issues, often replacing parts with higher rated components to ensure reliability of this ECU into the future. Most super charged Mercedes c180 c200 engine ECUs are repairable if the fault is caught early enough.
In the rare case that your ECU is beyond repair we stock reconditioned exchange modules that can be programmed to your vehicle. All ECU repairs come with a 12 month unlimited km warranty.

Common symptoms include:

Car cuts out when driving
Throttle Body fault codes
Can’t relearn throttle body stop
Hard to start hot
Crank angle sensor codes keep occurring after replacement of sensor
Knock sensor fault codes keep logging
Engine light on dash

Common fault codes are:

0335 Position sensor 1 for the crankshaft has an electrical fault.
0324 The knock control has a malfunction.
3226 Internal error in control unit N3/10 (ME-SFI [ME] control unit)
3553 Knock sensor 2 (cylinder bank 1) has an electrical fault.
3551 Knock sensor 1 (cylinder bank 1) has an electrical fault.
2336 The knock limit of cylinder 1 was exceeded.
2337 The knock limit of cylinder 2 was exceeded.
2338 The knock limit of cylinder 3 was exceeded.
2339 The knock limit of cylinder 4 was exceeded.

Common part numbers:

A 2719000100 , A 0044469440 ,  A 2711502379 , A 0044467540 , A 2711504979

Total repair cost is $650 Inc GST 
Workshops with a ABN please contact us for trade pricing   

Please do not erase the fault memory prior to sending us your unit, if the fault memory has been cleared please ensure you include a detailed description and paper work with all the fault codes that were present before they were erased.