Mercedes Benz Electronic Component repairs

Mercedes ML, GL and R Class Front SAM Module New Fully Programmed

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

We can supply and program a brand new Mercedes ML GL or R Class front SAM ( Signal Acquisition Module ) to replace your liquid damaged unit.
It is common for the front SAM to become liquid damaged due to there location under the drivers seat. Once liquid damaged most SAMS suffer irreparable damage to the PCB. The most common symptoms of a liquid damaged front SAM are, horn stops working, front lights stop working or are stuck on, several electronics in the front of the vehicle stop working at the same time. It is also common for the rear windows to go down by themselves and burn the window motors out.  For this service we only require your VIN number and it is not necessary to send your liquid damaged SAM to us. All brand new SAMS we supply are fully coded to your vehicle and are plug and play. Most new SAMS are coded and ready to be shipped within 24 hours and are covered under our 1 year no fuss warranty. (excluding liquid damage)

Common symptoms include:

Horn not working
Windscreen wipers not working
Headlights not working or stuck on
Rear windows went down by themselves
Front indicator stuck on or not working
CAN bus errors or CAN bus off faults

Common part numbers include

A 1645406501 ,  A 1645404401 , A 1645406401 , A 1649004101 , A 1645458032 , A 16495404401 , A 1645402401 , A 1645401301,  A 1644403801 , A 1645401401 , A 1645402501 , A 1645404601 , A1645407562 , A1645408101 , A 1645453732 , A 1645453832 , A 1645453932 , A 1645454032 , A 1645457932 , A 1645458532

Total replacement cost is $1250 inc GST