Mercedes Benz Electronic Component repairs

Mercedes W164 GL Instrument Cluster Repair

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

We can repair your faulty Mercedes-Benz W164 GL instrument cluster. This instrument cluster commonly suffers a total failure with no lights or gauges functioning anymore and loss of CAN communication with other modules. It is also common for the LCD display on this model to develop a defect that is often described as a spider web pattern. We can also repair most other issues with this instrument cluster. All repairs comes with a 12 month warranty.

Common symptoms include:

Lcd screen disfigured or hard to read
Total failure of cluster
Speedo sticking / jamming
Speedo shows incorrect speed
No communication with instrument cluster

Common part numbers include:

A 1645454142 , A 1649007900 , A 1645407148 , A 1645408947 , A 1645409347 , A 1645408747

Total repair cost is $440 inc GST if unopened or tampered with  Get Yours Rebuilt Now
Licensed Automotive Workshops with a ABN please contact us for trade pricing
Additional charges apply if your unit has had a previous repair attempt.