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Mercedes W202 C Class Air Conditioning Control Panel Repair

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

We offer a full rebuild service for your Mercedes-Benz W202 C Class climate control module. This control unit commonly fails causing the blower fan speed to not function correctly. This issue can often result in no fan speed on some positions or erratic operation. Normally this fault develops  intermittently and quickly becomes a permanent fault. Our repair service includes a complete rebuild with a 12 month unlimited KM warranty*. In most cases this repair is normally completed within 24 hours.

Common symptoms include:

No blower fan speed on some positions
Fan speed cuts in and out when changing position on the control panel
Blower fan speed erratic

Common part numbers include:

A 2108303185 , A 2028300485 , A 1708300785 , A 2028300685 , A 2108302985, A 2108302885, A 2028300685

Applicable Vehicles:

W202 96 – 00
w210 96 – 01
R170 96 – 02

Total repair cost is $375 inc GST 
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