Mercedes Benz Electronic Component repairs

Mercedes W208 CLK Ignition Switch Repair

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Product Repair Details

The Mercedes-Benz W208 CLK EIS / EZS  is part of a sophisticated system that uses a rolling code which changes each time the key and EIS communicate. Often a weak battery or failing electronics can cause the rolling code to become corrupt, resulting in the ignition switch failure. In most cases, we can repair the corrupt data and most electronic faults. Due to the complexity of this system, it is often challenging for workshops to identify which component is causing the fault. Please send all components ( all keys, EIS, and ESL (steering lock) ) if you are unsure. We offer this service as second-hand parts are not a simple case of plug-n-play. In most cases, even after replacing an entire set out of a second-hand vehicle, other issues are introduced due to vehicle-specific coding.

Common faults include:

Key not turning in ignition when cold
All keys won’t turn in ignition
Central locking not locking or unlocking
Vehicle won’t start
No dash lights, electric windows, indicators after start

Common part numbers are:

A 2105450008 A 2105450208 A 2085450108 A 2105450308 A 2085450208

Applicable vehicles:

Mercedes CLK  (W208 – 1998 – 2002)

Total repair cost $550 inc GST Get yours rebuilt now
Workshops with a ABN please contact us for trade pricing
Additional charges apply if your unit has had a previous repair attempt.