Mercedes Benz Electronic Component repairs

Mercedes W220 S Class Gear Shifter Repair

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

The Mercedes-Benz S320 S430 S500 and S600 gear shifter can commonly fail causing it to jam in park or the transmission to go into fail safe mode (locked in one gear). We offer a repair service saving you thousands off the price of a new ESM. As this component is VIN locked to your vehicle, second hand parts are not an option, previously the only other option was to replace it with an expensive new part that still has the same design weakness. In most cases we can repair your gear selector within 24 hours and offer a 1 year unlimited km warranty*

Common symptoms include:

Stuck in park
Unable to get out of park
Jammed in park
Transmission stuck in one gear
Selector won’t go into neutral or park when moving from drive
No Gear display on dash
Transmission in fail safe
Hard to get into drive

Common fault codes are:

P 1856 Selector lever position detection has failed.
P 2212 The selector lever position is implausible.
P 2313 One or more messages from control unit N15/5 (Electronic selector lever module control unit) are not available on the CAN bus.
P 240C The selector lever position sent from control unit N15/5 (electronic selector lever module control unit) via the CAN bus is implausible.

Common Part numbers:

A 2202673324, A 2302674924 , A 2202670624 , A 2202671124 , A 2302675524 , A 2202672524 , A 2202670924 , A 2202671224 , A 2302675224 , A 2202671424 , A 2202671824 , A 2202672424 , A 2202672824 , A 2202673324 , A 2302675024 , A 2302674624 , A 2302673724

Total repair cost $440 inc GST Get yours rebuilt now
Workshops with a ABN please contact us for trade pricing
Additional charges apply if your unit has had a previous repair attempt or is damaged.


The cost of a new ESM is over $2500 from Mercedes

Applicable vehicles

S320 S430 Stuck in park gear shifter jammed can’t move out of park
S500 S600 Stuck in park Won’t come out of park Jammed in park