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Mercedes W251 R Class EIS Ignition Switch Repair

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

The Mercedes-Benz W251 ML EIS / EZS ignition switch is the main component of a very complex and secure drive authorisation system and due to its sensitive electronics it can easily become damaged. Often causing no dash lights or start when turning the key in the ignition or sometimes the key won’t turn at all. We have developed a specialised simulator which assists us in diagnosing and testing your ignition switch. At least one working key to be sent with your EIS for repair.  Over 95% of ignition switches are repairable and most units are repaired and ready to be returned within 48 hours. This repair also comes with a 12 month unlimited KM warranty*.

Common symptoms include:

Key won’t turn
Key turns but wont crank intermittently
No dash lights
Key turns but dash lights don’t light up
Ignition key turns but won’t start

Common part numbers are:

A 1645451408 , A 1649051600 , A 1649050100 , A 1645451508, A 1645450708, A 1645451808, A 1645450908,A 1645451008, A1645451308, A 1645450508

Common fault codes include:

900A Internal switch “H0” was not detected.
900B Internal switch “15R” was not detected.
900C Internal switch “15” was not detected.
900D Internal switch “50” was not detected.

Applicable models:

R Class (w251 2006 – 2013 )
Mercedes-Benz R280 CDI, R300 CDI,  R320 CDI, R350,  R350 CDI

Total Repair Cost is $550 inc GST 
Workshops with a ABN please contact us for trade pricing
Additional charges apply if your unit has had a previous repair attempt.