Mercedes Benz Electronic Component repairs

Mercedes W251 R Class Front SAM Module Repair

Total Repair Cost Inc GST.


Product Repair Details

We can re-manufacture your faulty Mercedes R Class  front SAM ( Signal Acquisition Module ).
It is common for the front SAM module to fail causing faults with one of the rear door locks . Most R Class front SAM modules are repairable unless they are liquid damaged. If you have a liquid damaged front Sam we are able to supply and code a Brand New unit at around half the retail price of a Mercedes-Benz dealer.  Once we have rebuilt your faulty R Class front Sam module or supplied a brand new one there is no additional coding or programming required. Most units are rebuilt within 24 hours and are covered under our 1 year no fuss warranty.

Common symptoms include:

Left rear door lock not unlocking
Right rear door lock not locking
Left rear door lock not locking
Right rear door lock not unlocking
Front indicators not working or stuck on
Front parker lights not working or stuck on 

Common part numbers include

A 1645406501 ,  A 1645404401 , A 1645406401 , A 1649004101 , A 1645458032 , A 16495404401 , A 1645402401 , A 1645401301,  A 1644403801 , A 1645401401 , A 1645402501 , A 1645404601 , A1645407562 , A1645408101 , A 1645453732 , A 1645453832 , A 1645453932 , A 1645454032 , A 1645457932 , A 1645458532

Total repair cost is $440 inc GST 
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